Everything in One Place

Now keep your notes, to-do lists, and documents together in one notebook, and find them again instantly -- even if they're not organized.

Everything in one place -- and, connected.

Meet Projectbook. It holds your notes, sketches, Word docs, PDFs, images, and to-do lists together in one place and syncs them across devices. It helps you manage due dates and projects. And, it automatically links related notes, documents, and to-do lists together, so you can gather all your information for whatever you're working on with just a tap -- even without tags, keywords or an Internet connection.


To-Do lists

Word Docs and PDFs

Web Clips



Write notes fast. Any kind of notes.

Combine just about any kind of information together on a page.

Type with different fonts and styles

Outline your thoughts quickly

Take photos with the built-in camera

Sketch with realistic pens and colors

Create to-dos while taking notes

Hand-write notes

Record audio synced with your notes

Organize it, or don't. Projectbook has you covered.

Organize your notes the way you like -- by folders, tags or dates. If you ever forget to file or tag something, just tap the Similar Notes button to see all your notes, web clips, Word docs, and PDFs about the subject you're working on. Projectbook tracks related notes and documents even if they weren't tagged, so they're always easy to find. And, like a web page, Projectbook links key words in your notes to help you jump quickly between related information.

One tap gathers all your info about any subject

Tap a linked word to jump between related documents

From the web to your notebook in one tap.

It's easy to get content from the Internet into Projectbook. Grab web pages from Instapaper or Pocket on your iPad. If someone emails you a Word doc, PDF, or to-do, just forward the email right to your notebook. Or, import documents from your Dropbox account. It will all be right there, in your hands, fully searchable, wherever you go.

All your tasks. All your info. All in one.

What could be more efficient than managing your to-dos in the same place as the information you need to get them done? Projectbook lets you capture to-dos and plan projects anywhere on any page. In fact, it organizes all your priorities into a master list for you and helps you stay on top of all your due dates and projects with a built-in task manager. With a tap, Projectbook will even collect all the notes and documents you need to complete your to-do for you. Click here to learn more about tracking to-dos in Projectbook.

No Internet? No problem.

Projectbook stores everything safely on your devices. When you have an Internet connection, it syncs automatically with iCloud. And, even when there's no connection in sight, everything you need to get things done is still at your fingertips. Always. Everywhere. No special subscription or Wi-Fi hunting required. Now you truly can take it with you.

Mac and iPhone versions coming soon.